Edwards Construction offers the following services: Pre-Construction, General Contracting, Construction management and Design Builder.


  Edwards Construction brings extensive experience to the pre-construction phase, partnering with our clients, architects, and engineers during the planning stages of a construction project. This critical phase of construction ensures all aspects of the project are taken into.
  Pre-Construction services we provide are Conceptual Planning, Cost Evaluation & Estimating, Scheduling & Phasing, Zoning & Code Compliance, Bid Packaging, and Subcontractor & Vendor Pre-Qualification.

 General Contracting

  Edwards Construction acts as the General Contractor on a wide range of building projects, including new construction, renovation, and tenant finish out. We collaborate with team members including clients, developers, architects and engineers on the project to provide a seamless construction delivery. We will develop detailed estimates and schedules to oversee the building process during each phase of construction. Our extensive experience in the building industry enables us to anticipate situations and develop creative solutions to each unique construction challenge beforehand. Our philosophy is simple - we build the project like it was ours keeping the best interest of our clients first and foremost!
  Construction Services we provide are Estimating, Scheduling, Subcontractor Management, Field Supervision, Quality Control & Inspections, Safety Management, Status Reporting, Change Management, and Cost Control.

 Construction Management

  Edwards Construction performs construction management services to clients who prefer a turnkey commercial building service. We offer clients the flexibility of holding all trade contracts with subcontractors and will act as the clients’ representative or consultant during each phase of the building process.
  Alternatively, if the client prefers, we will act as a consultant during the design phase and take responsibility for all trade contracts with subcontractors on an at-risk basis as the general contractor during the building phase.
   In either scenario, our leadership and project management ensure quality control and close supervision of the project budget and schedule. Our construction management services are designed to complete quality construction projects under the terms appropriate for each client and project.


   At Edwards Construction, we partner with the design team in Design-Build projects and accept responsibility for both the design and construction of a commercial building project. We have many great working relationships with some of the best design firms allowing us to take the project from beginning to end.
   In the design phase, we perform constructability reviews and identify potential areas for cost efficiencies in the design and building plan. We work closely with architects and engineers to examine project documents ensuring project schedule and project cost stay on track.

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